Cotona 50 - Mini 2 Drawer Treasure Chest, 30 1100-yard (1000m) Spools

SKU: 8117

The Cotona 50 Mini 2-Drawer Treasure Chest is the ultimate thread storage option for those who want their sewing room or studio to look its best. This finely crafted 2-drawer wooden chest includes 30 spools of 50-weight Madeira Cotona Quilting & Sewing Thread, 22 Solid color and 8 variegated (Multicolor) spools.

These thread chests protect your threads from dust and light and help them last longer. The easy-glide drawers, featuring brass-colored pulls, are equipped with molded plastic trays to hold your threads securely. Each compartment has an image of the color and the color number, making it easy to keep them organized.

This chest includes spools of our popular Cotona 50 premium cotton thread. Cotona is a premium cotton quilting and sewing thread, and is the go-to choice for discerning quilters and sewists who prioritize quality and precision in their projects. Crafted from extra-long staple, double-mercerized Egyptian cotton, this soft, smooth quilting thread offers exceptional strength, durability, and lustrous sheen.

Manufactured in Germany to the highest standards of quality and environmental sustainability, Cotona thread ensures consistent performance and superior results in every stitch. Experience the difference premium quality thread can make in your next project. Whether you're a seasoned quilter, a dedicated seamstress, or an aspiring embroidery artist, trust Madeira to deliver the performance, durability, and vibrant colors you need to bring your creative visions to life.

The Cotona 50 – Mini 2 Drawer Treasure Chest Contains:

  • 22 - 1100-yard (1000m) Spools of Cotona 50 Thread – Solid Colors
  • 8 - 1100-yard (1000m) Spools of Cotona 50 Thread – Multicolor
  • A Cotona color card to help select the suitable color
  • Each spool comes with dual thread locks, ensuring neat and tidy storage.

1 each of the following spools

9350-622 Brick Red

9350-585 Light Peach

9350-516 Meadow

9350-680 Navy

9350-745 Periwinkle

9350-511 Sunrise

9350-760 Orange Sunrise

9350-738 Cream

9350-520 Creme Brulee

9350-778 Forest Green

9350-711 Light Green

9350-514 Oyster Shell

9350-669 Brown

9350-504 Ecru

9350-691 Blue Grey

9350-621 Red

9350-508 Blue Lagoon

9350-506 Coral Fish

9350-581 Royal Blue

9350-510 Cappuccino

9350-518 Ocean

9350-771 Mimosa Yellow

9350-736 Light Taupe

9350-752 Off White

9350-777 Dark Avocado

9350-687 Silver Grey

9350-503 Antique White

9350-674 Light Tan

9350-690 Light Silver

9350-500 Black

Madeira Cotona 50 Thread Mini Chest

Cotona 50 - Mini 2 Drawer Treasure Chest, 30 1100-yard (1000m) Spools


Cotona 50 - Mini 2 Drawer Treasure Chest, 30 1100-yard (1000m) Spools


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