Sensa Green 40 – Quilt Box, 1100-yard (1000m) Spools, 40 Colors

SKU: 8050

The Madeira Sensa Green 40 Assortment Box includes 40 spools of Madeira Sensa Green 40-weight natural fiber quilting & sewing thread.

Madeira Sensa Green Quilting & Sewing Thread is crafted from 100% Lyocell, an innovative fiber derived from sustainably managed forests. Crafted using a low-waste and eco-responsible process, our Sensa Green thread is your eco-conscious choice. With a vibrant spectrum of deep, intense colors, each thread boasts a feather-soft texture and luxurious velvet finish, ensuring your creations stand out while leaving a minimal environmental footprint with every stitch.

Not just beautiful, but durable too. Sensa Green's natural strength and excellent running performance guarantee flawless machine quilting and sewing every time. Join the sustainable stitching movement today. Craft responsibly with Madeira Sensa Green and create with a conscience.

The Madeira Incredible Threadable Case

  • This innovative storage case not only holds your thread spools but also features a built-in threading system that enables seamless thread delivery from the case directly to your machine, eliminating the need for unpacking.
  • It holds each spool separately and allows the spools to be easily removed and replaced
  • Each color number is printed in each thread pocket for easy reordering.
  • This tangle-free system even has a thread cutter built into the handle.

The Madeira Incredible Threadable Case is built to last. Its durable construction ensures that your threads are protected and secure, whether you're working in your sewing room or on the go.

The Sensa Green40 Quilt Box Contains:

  • 40 - 1100-yard (1000m) Spools of Sensa Green 40 Thread – Solid Colors
  • 2 - 1000 Meter Spools of Bobbinfil
  • A Sensa Green color card to help select the suitable color
  • Each spool comes with dual thread locks, ensuring neat and tidy storage.

1 Spool of each of these colors

9390-181 Ruby

9390-242 Nightsky

9390-021 Copper

9390-147 Cherry

9390-134 Royal Blue

9390-145 Chocolate

9390-037 Tomato

9390-133 Myosotis

9390-056 Cinnamon

9390-108 Hyacinth

9390-274 Baby Blue

9390-127 Cappuccino

9390-120 Baby Pink

9390-132 Ice Blue

9390-072 Pearl

9390-110 Fuchsia

9390-094 Aquamarine

9390-027 Oat

9390-033 Lavender

9390-177 Cyan

9390-225 Mustard

9390-078 Sunset

9390-370 Forest Green

9390-100 Black

9390-024 Grapefruit

9390-051 Golf Green

9390-164 Graphite

9390-124 Canary

9390-049 Green Apple

9390-118 Elephant

9390-266 Creme Brulee

9390-248 Sensa Green

9390-086 Aluminum

9390-013 Flamingo

9390-449 Lime

9390-071 Natural

9390-153 Peach

9390-071 Moss

9390-101 White

9390-105 Fluorescent White

Madeira Sensa Green Softbox

Sensa Green 40 – Quilt Box, 1100-yard (1000m) Spools, 40 Colors


Sensa Green 40 – Quilt Box, 1100-yard (1000m) Spools, 40 Colors


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